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Hookah Etiquette

The etiquette of hookah smoking is very important in some cultures and often times it is regarded as disrespectful to break away from these traditions.

• Smoking a hookah pipe is about patience and tolerance, sit back, relax and enjoy it slowly. There is no urgency or competitiveness when smoking a narghile, so smoke until you are pleased and then pass it on to the next person.

• As a courtesy, turn the hose connection of the metal stem toward the next person as you are handing them the hose.

• Never light cigarettes/cigars using the lit charcoal on top of the hookah.

• Never light a self-lighting charcoal on top of the hookah. The extra smoke will overwhelm the shisha flavors.

• Do not blow smoke in the face of another person.

• With a multi-hose hookah, do not blow into the hookah hose to clear the smoke while another person is smoking.

• Never share your plastic mouthpiece with another person, as it does not promote good hygiene.

• When you are finished smoking hookah, wrap the hookah hose around the metal stem as a sign that the session is over